Happy Mommy Diary

ワーママブログ 〜オックスフォード大学留学・移住・起業・バイリンガル子育て〜


Welcome to Happy Mommy Diary in 2022!

This blog is written by a Japanese mom (“mum” in the UK!) with two school children. I started this blog when I was pregnant with my first child. Back then, I was serving the CFO for the Japan practice of a global professional service firm. I was the first female executive member on the board with no role model to look up. No day passed without thinking if I was going to survive the next day at work.

Lots of things have changed especially after the COVID19 pandemic. The fact that many of us are working from home is (hopefully) working in favor of those who can work remotely. For 2019-2021, I was enrolled in the graduate study, and was unable to make any posts. Starting the spring of 2022, I am having a fresh start as a blogger with a brand new focus at the new life stage.

Over the summer of 2021, I relocated to the UK to be involved in a start-up business. I took my two children with me and they started their new lives in British schools. Changing jobs, relocation, start-up and new schools are keeping us quite busy, so I will never run out of things I want to write about.

Being a Happy Mommy is not an easy business. I confess about myself that I am not always smiling nor feeling happy. Life is hard, relationship is hard, raising children is hard, doing everything right is impossible! But I do have a moment, once in a while, that I feel thankful for everything that has given to me, and this includes challenges and issues. I admire every parents and children out there and hope I can share joy and pain.

<Note> This blog was migrated from a different site. All past posts are stored, but formatting and translation availability may vary. Post 2022, I am assuming different responsibilities and priorities, which may cause different tones and nuances in the blog.