FAMILY / ファミリーのこと, UK

Tidying up with konmari / 近藤麻理恵さんメソードで断捨離

During the long week off (10 consecutive holidays for the special Imperial Era observance), I sent the children off to day camps to secure free time for tidying up home for the upcoming moving.  This long holiday week was just perfect to get my jobsdone.

Marie Kondo is carrying a big name in the States as a specialist for tidying up home.  I found her special shows in Netflix to introduce the ‘KonMari method.’ I watched them through to realize how inspiring to keep or let go with things we keep stocking up at home. Each show features a family and a couple.  We do not get to see what is in others’ closets,  but we do in her show.  All participants are asked to put all clothing into one place without exception.  This seems a very important process to make us see how much stuff we have and forget about.

By watching her show, I went through lots of stuff from toys, cloths, books to paper documents.  One thing I really liked about KonMari is that her method is forward-looking.  It is a useful mindset to have a pleasant life with carrying less things around you.

When we come back to Tokyo, I am sure I have different taste in interiors, so I am getting rid of most of the furnitures as well.  I feel so good about saying good-bye to legacy items to leave a room for the future to come.


途中でNetflix の特別番組となっている近藤麻理恵さんの「人生がときめく片付けの魔法」というものがあることを知り、シリーズをTVで流しながら、インスピレーションを得ながらモーレツ断捨離を行いました。通称コンマリさんの片づけ術が日米でブームなった理由が少し分かる気がします。

日々家の中に持ち込まれる様々なものをカテゴリー別に仕分け、その塊ごと目の前に置くというビジュアルなプロセスがまずあり(問題の把握)、持ち物一つ一つを手にとって、ときめくかときめかないかを自分の心に問い(心構えを鍛える)、物を捨てるという罪悪感を感じる行為を、「物に感謝して、お別れする」という前向きな行為(実践的行動に移す る)に生まれ変わります。