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Welcome to Happy Mommy Diary.

This blog is written by a Japanese working mother with a Japanese husband and two children in school age, and with extensive international background in English speaking countries.  I organize the blog in a bilingual format (with exceptions written only in Japanese — sometimes I get lazy or too busy to writing things twice).  English comes before Japanese text, so if you see no English, that post is probably only available in Japanese.  But I generally put at least one picture for non Japanese speakers to enjoy.

The purpose of this blog is to think about how mothers can pursue her own happiness as she makes others happy as a mother.  It is still very rare in Japan that women work like men.  The female executive ratio in large corporations with over 5000 employees is only 6% (2017 stat).  Prime Minister Abe started his own cabinet with 5 ladies who later got backed down to only 1 who is barely surviving.  Where has his political slogan of 30% female ratio gone?  It is just that difficult to keep up with that premise which was not even 50%.

Nonetheless, we need to survive, working women and working moms.  The harsh reality brutally imposes us with what the ‘perfect woman’ or ‘perfect mom’ should be, and it let us down.  I want to be a strong person who determines to be a Happy Mommy at any time.  This is a determination and creation of such.  I dedicate this blog to those who are fighting just like me.  I also wish my son and daughter will find the trace of how their mother paved her way out, and want them to be proud of it.

Happy Mommy Diaryへようこそ。





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