About Me / 自己紹介

The author of this blog is a Japanese working mother and senior financial executive with CPA who has international background, having lived in California, Boston and New York over 10 years and in Tokyo for 15 years.  I have two beautiful children in school age, and was recently accepted by an European business school with scholarships.

I used to think, once I became a mother, I would have to give up a lot, but I was wrong.  In fact, it is very important that a mother is happy, so that she can show her own children that one can reach potential by not giving things up over obstacles.  My husband and I had struggled through finding the right balances among lots of things in our day-to-day lives, but we eventually found our ways to manage and get through the most difficult times during the early age of child-raising.

My husband stays in Tokyo to take care of his own medical practice, and three of us are starting our new lives in Europe.  Even though I named this blog ‘Happy Mommy Diary’, there are and will be, of course, rainy days and sunny days, just like everyone else.  Nonetheless, we can still choose to be strong and move on. You will find this blog is filled with juggling and multi-tasking responsibilities as a wife, mother and a woman with career, in and outside Japan.

Please stay tuned, as I am getting powered up more than ever!







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