About Me / 自己紹介

The author of this blog, is a Japanese working mom in Tokyo.  After years of service in the accounting and finance industry, I now work at management, being in charge of finance for one of those multinationals.   I had not come across the family building agenda until age 39, when I met my husband and subsequently became a mother of 2 beautiful children — a daughter born in 2011 followed by a son in 2012!

I could have almost chosen to stay home for children, but then was never sure if that would be what I really would want.  So, I decided to work until I find an answer, also wondering what would be like to become a working mom.  This is how I entered into the dual-life and my kids started their days at daycare when they were 3 1/2 months.  I even have a Japanese husband (internationally notorious for their non-existent household support), and so it adds to the burden.  Well, so far I have been very lucky to have somehow managed to find a healthy balance between career and family.

You see, this blog is all about juggling multiple responsibilities as a wife, mother and a woman with career.









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