FAMILY / ファミリーのこと

Happy 2021, the year of Ox!!

The statute of Ox, near the Oxford Station, the United Kingdom

We have one more day to close 2020, which will be recorded as the year of global pandemic (or forceful execution of remote working) on history textbooks around the world for our children and grand children.

To me personally, 2020 was best suited to focus on the study at school (6 months more to go!). During the winter break, I have 2 essays to finish… one is doing business in emerging markets and another on M&A industry report.

It is unbelievable that I have endured the pain to write an essay each month with significant readings and research for over a year, while keeping the full time job. I cannot wait to finish up this agony soon (thought it did signed up for this).

Well, hope 2021 will be the better year for everyone!

I just realised that the new year is the year of Ox. Pasted above is the statute by the Oxford station. Its front shot is pasted below.





2021年は丑年ですね。英語で言うとYear of Ox ということで、英国オックスフォードにある駅前の牛の写真を飾っておきます。下は正面からみた図です。

FAMILY / ファミリーのこと

Merry Christmas to you all!

Wishing you all happy holidays!

Just noticing I have not updated this site for the past 18 months!!

I am almost graduating the business school … so deadly busy with assignments and all…compete madness with no social life and whatsoever.

Hopefully I finish up my study in 6 months from now and I will start updating this blog again.

なんと18ヶ月間もブログの更新をしていませんでした。この間、ビジネススクールの準備と実際の学生生活に忙殺され、COVID パンデミックの影響と相まって深い水の底に沈んだような時間を送っておりました。あと半年で学生生活も終わります。