FAMILY / ファミリーのこと, To my Son / 息子へ, 小学校

Grade school admission ceremony / 小学校の入学式

A new school year starts in April. My son became a first grader of elementary school just this week, and I am so excited. This is such an important milestone for raising a child. I feel that he is now one step closer to a grown-up.

The elementary school admission event is one of a few official ceremonies at schools, so I was supposed to look formal. Although I am so bad at many things about Japaneas tradition and rituals, there is one thing I may know a little bit more than people in general. That is kimono.

Looking back, the last time I wore kimono was two years ago for my daughter’s ceremony!!

Honestly speaking, I was not really feeling like it, especially the weather forecast was rainy. But I felt guilty for the fact that I already know which kimono to wear for my own graduation ceremony from my business school. So I decided to wear it even in a hurricane weather.

Perhaps he will forget about me putting the time consuming piece of traditional cloth, but pictures will stay. So, just to tell him how much I am happy for him on this special day, I made a little effort. I hope it paid.










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