Toward the end of our Nagasaki trip, we visited Urakami.  This place is so special, not just for the locals, but for all of us on the earth.  First, this place is where Christians had to sacrifice themselves for their faith for centuries.  Second, after the brutal 260 years of the Christian oppression finally came to an end, the people who were purged from this place came back to rebuilt their lives.  Third, this place was picked by Gods’ hands as the very location where, after everything has happened, the second atomic bomb of our history re-destroyed the people’s lives and all other things, including Urakami Church, in the summer of 1945.  Thus, this trip has given me an opportunity to see the history involving Nagasaki from a different angle.

Today, Urakami Church looks like the picture below, but was blown off like the pictures after the first one.  We can only see the legacy building in the fake piece recreated in the Nagasaki Peace Memorial, because the real one, which was half destroyed but still standing, was allegedly torn down by the City of Nagasaki after losing its political battle with the US government, off the table.   While the monument we see today in Hiroshima is an industrial building, this one is not.  This is the Church which holy cross was burnt and statutes of saints were blown off above the neck.

If the REAL Urakami Church which was half destroyed by the atomic bomb was preserved, it would have been the true treasure in Nagasaki as the peace memorial.  You do not see the broken church among the assets named as Nagasaki’s World Heritage, because it no longer exists. It is only in our minds. Anger in Hiroshima, Prayers in Nagasaki.

Urakami Church today.  You can see the dark-colored statutes on the both sides of the entrance.  They survived the atomic bomb, while many others did not.


このあたりの経緯は『ナガサキ 消えたもう一つの「原爆ドーム」』という書物に詳細に記録されていますが、広島の原爆ドームが産業会館であった一方で、半壊したカトリック教会がメモリアルとして残されなかった理由はアメリカ政府の関与があると言われています。













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