If you a fan of the movie ‘Silence’ (directed by Martin Scorsese), this is a recommended place to visit for having a feel of what was described in the movie (but the location is inconvenient). This memorial was dedicated to Endo and his literature, but what is very special about this place is where it is built. It stands in an isolated place and in the ocean front. When this spot was found, the writer was allegedly very pleased as the scenery was so perfect as if it came out of the movie of Christian martyrdom hundreds of years ago.

To embrace his work, people put the monument (the last picture of this post) not very far from this museum. On the stone, the famous line from his literature was craved in: 人間がこなに悲しいのに 主よ 海があまりに碧いのです(with much sorrow on human being, Lord, why is the ocean so azure. When this monument was placed, it was called into questions by the local Christian community who protested against his work through which the writer tried to speak for ”the weak” who could not surrender their lives for the religious faith. I am glad this monument was not torn down. Being an art form, literature should have freedom to speak for ordinary people who are nit religious heros.






地元で物議を醸し出した「沈黙の碑」。「人間がこんなに悲しいのに 主よ 海があまりに碧いのです」という作中の有名なフレーズが刻まれています。棄教者の言い分を取り上げて石碑まで作るのは許せないという人や作家自身が棄教したことをごまかしているという厳しい意見もあり、キリスト教に対する許しがたい冒涜だと位置付ける人もいます。