View of Nagasaki from the Hill (Hotel Nagasaki). By the way, I do not recommend this hotel other than the natural view and onsen (hot spring). The restaurants are open for a few hours a day, and the only room service was bed making. You need a car or taxi to go to ‘near by’ stores, but they have no shuttle service. The Hotel NEW Nagasaki adjacent to the Nagasaki station was great (their price is twice as high, but great service and convenience).

Anyway, on day 2, we visited ‘Sotome’, which was an isolated area by the ocean front. This is where Christians were chased off to hide themselves from the government. There was a shrine-like lodge, inside which holy cross was placed and people were baptized there in the middle of wet land. Those people were eventually caught and executed (rewards were given up to 500 silver coins, worth $350K for finding a priest.). Greed killed so many good innocent people back in those days.