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Statute of Liberty in Daiba / 台場の自由の女神

This weekekd, I took my children to Daiba. It was a cold, but it felt like spring already.

I briefly wrote about my desire to study in a foreign graduate program in an earlier post. A dream like seemed remote a year or so ago, when I was at hospital in Oct 2017 for a temporary cardiovasscular problem. I thought I was so finished, but interestingly enough, I seem to have gained more strength and better health.

I cannot write everything in one post, but will tell you how I have recovered, because it is important and relevance to many of the readers of this blog — hard working mothers. I was so crushed, phyaically and mentally, carrying too much burden on my sholders — work, children, finance, education and lots of other things.

Some may say, I still have a stable (but demanding) job, husband, children, parents, etc., but let’s just remember all of these things could also add to the problems. Everyone’s life is different and we cannot compare them for fairness. We should focus on how to deal with them, so that we can keep up.

Anyway, for today, Lady Liberty looked particularly beautiful. (But I am not certain how authentic this statute may be. Official replica??).








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