FAMILY / ファミリーのこと

ハッピーマミー再来! Happy Mommy returns!

It has been over a year since I wrote the last post. Why? Because being a happy mom was a premise for this blog, but I could not keep up with it. To put short, I was unhappy and simply could not write anything positive. There are ups and down in one’s life, and I am happy now to be back here.

Given the hardship on child raising and being a working g mother, I needed some fresh air. I took myself, daughter and son to Europe recently. This was meant to be, not so much as a vacation, but a self-arranged MBA tour to visit several different schools. Yes, I am going back to campus in the near future.

Over 40 and 2 small children. No kidding. This has actually empowered me a lot and I was able to regain the strength as human.

I will write more about the journey to get here and what will happen along the way. So stay tuned!!






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