Many, many years ago when I was young and single, I lived in the Upper East Side.  I moved there from Boston with an offer letter in my hand from a major accounting firm of NYC, and this seems ages ago.  I am glad I have all those years filled with experiences and findings, which has made what I am today.  I took several hours to explore the area which was once very familiar with me.





D’Agostino というスーパーが懐かしくて立ち寄ってみると、レジのスタッフのあり得ないようなぶっきらぼうな対応に思わず苦笑。NYCスタンダードですね。日本ではコンビニの店員さんでも接遇を心得ていますが、この街ではカスタマーサービス精神が根付いていないなぁ、と改めて懐かしく思えてしまいました。