WORK-LIFE / 仕事と家庭の両立

One beautiful day after rain / 雨上がりの園庭にて


Every 3 other weeks, kindergarten moms get together to host a bible class and invite a Catholic priest who would go over a theme of a day.  It is held in a day time when I would be otherwise working, but it has coincided with the work-from-home day, and so I attend.  What usually happens, though, is that my son and I sit there for the fist 10-15 min, and he starts walking around out of boredom, then we eventually go outside to spend the rest of the time.  It was raining earlier on that day, and cleared up by the time we got outside as usual.   Rain has washed away dirt and made everything shine, and I found a moment like this very special!



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