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Kids gone wild with the heatwave in Tokyo / 暑さのせいで子どもが豹変⁈



We have been experiencing days over 80 degrees in the three consecutive days this week, and it is not even summer yet.  Whenever kids get tired, they get grouchy and sometimes become out of control.  My daughter turned into a little monster the other day when the baby sitter picked her up at kindergarten. She  came out of kindergarten, crying so hard with broccoli in her month, and so several mothers shot me emails saying that they wonder if their boys forced her to eat it or she may have cried because she could not handle broccoli.  After all it turned out that she was asking for her mom to be there for pick-up.  The strange behavior continued to the day after that  day, when I picked her up and took her to eat lunch.  She just had to stood outside a restaurant, crying  for 30 min straight and refused to get in.  When I finally gave up and decide to leave, she now starts to cry ‘I want to go back to that restaurant to eat!’.  Oh, boy.  I wonder if this had to do with the crazy temperature at all.




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