Kasumigaseki is a location where most of Japan’s cabinet ministry offices are located.  Just by walking down Sakurada dori from Tameike to Sakuradamon (Map), you pass by the Ministries of Finance, Education, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Courts to finally hit the Imperial Palace. Working in this city is very special in many different ways but I have found it particularly so since I started a life of a working mom.  One of the good aspects was that signing up for a day care in Kasumigaseki (Chiyoda ward in general as this is an office district) is relatively easy, but this turns out to be a benefit only when you can bring your kids to your work.  One of the bad things is that many streets are blocked for foreign VIPs, like Presndent Obama, and it gets awfully hard to get a taxi cab.  The city is clean and safe (well, besides it may be the most likely spot for a terrorist attack), and have many school children visiting the nations’ capitol in spring and summer.