A new school year just started or starting in the beginning of April in Japan, so are nursery schools for my daughter and my son.   At the end of the last class, we had a lot of things returned — art work made throughout the year, on top of cloths, underwear, etc., etc.  The roof of the buggy almost crashed from the weight of the stuff I had to carry back home.  Having two toddlers none of whom are helping me yet but are innocently seated in a stroller means pure severance sometimes.

It is still nice, though, to have the end of something, as this gives me a sense of achievement.  Our family survived another year of dual career life, supported by the healthy and happy children and everyone around us at work and in schools.

Today, we took our kids to separate nursery schools.  My son went to nursery where he has already spent 17 months, but cried so bad because it looked totally a different place with many new faces replacing the old.  My daughter went to another place and is not very happy either,  and is trying hard to cope with the new environment.

April is a month of changes for many of us, and often quite challenging.  I happened to find an interesting website showing ‘school years around the world.’  I have known Japan has a unique school year, but some countries adopt school years starting in other than September.










ところでお気づきかと思いますが、ブログをWordpress に移行してから、バイリンガルブログにしています(気分次第でかいているので対訳ではありません)。読者統計を国別にとれたりするので、興味本位で始めてみました(たまに外国の方が見てくださっているようで、それも面白いかなと)。そんなこともあり、学年の区切りを英語サイト(school years around the world‘ )で調べてみたところ、国際的に9月がスタンダードだと思っていたのが、意外と1月始まりや3月始まりなどイレギュラーな国が多くて逆に驚いてしまいました。