Education /子どもの教育

Is iPad bad for kids? / iPad を子どもに与えるのは良くないこと?

I hear many parents want to keep their children away from PC, tablets, and other media for on line games.  So far, we have been pretty liberal about allowing our kids to access our iPad and iPhone.  Initially, I was pretty curious how they would keep up with these tools. Both of them learned pretty quickly how to flip pages.   The older one (3 years old) activate it by entering the 4 digit pass code, and tried a few times to download new games (for which password I would keep to myself).  The younger one cannot activate it by himself, but knows where to go (which one to tap open) and play games and see a motion picture on his demand.

What was quite amazing was that the older child loved the Hiragana/Katakana (Japanese alphabet) application, and spent hours for self-learning.  She even heavy used YouTube to listen to ABC songs over and over, so that she finally started to sing it.  This is a great tool with visual and audio and so easy to use even for kids under age 3.   Now each of our children is allowed to have our old iPad for their own use.










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